Street kids’ plea to end W. Asia war

The Hindu : New Delhi News : Street kids’ plea to end W. Asia war

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Registering their distress at the plight of children in Lebanon and West Asia, street children and working children here in the Capital held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to express their concern. The meeting saw the participation of 50 street and working children under the banner of non-government organisations Badthe Kadam and Childhood Enhancement through Training and Action.

They appealed to the leaders of Israel and Lebanon to find a solution to the problem through talks. A `Memorandum of Peace and Brotherhood’ will be sent to the Israel embassy on behalf of the children of Badthe Kadam.

Expressing her concern over the large number of children becoming homeless due to the aggression, 14-year-old Nek Muhammed, a balloon vendor, said: ‘I am worried about the children who have become homeless, like us, due to the war.’

"Wars should be banned everywhere. No child should suffer whether he or she is from Israel, Lebanon or India. Wars only spread hatred. Both countries should sit together and find a solution to this problem. Leaders must understand that there are no winners in war," said 16-year-old Suresh who works as a rag picker at Yusuf Sarai in South Delhi.

The Badthe Kadam secretary, 19-year-old Subhash, also expressed his grief over the death of such a large number of children.

He said through this meeting he wanted to appeal to the Indian Government to come forward and intervene in an effective manner so that the war can be stopped and the rights of children along with the rights of every common citizen could be protected and restored.


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