Ugandan Diary

(Blog excerpt)

Ugandan Diary: A Kilo of Caterpillars, A Three Legged Monkey and The World’s Crappest Neil Diamond Impersonator

"One thing that you can’t help noticing in Lusaka is the number of street kids who swarm all over at traffic lights and everywhere else begging for money. This is something that I don’t think I will ever manage to get used to no matter how long I live in Africa for. Not all does it make you feel like an absolute bastard for not giving them money (Rich had told me that it was much better to make a donation to a charity or project for these kids than give to them on the street) but it really brings it home to you how fucked up things have become when there are kids of seven and eight with nothing more than the rags they’re dressed in begging for 500 Kwacha (about 13 pence!)."


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