Cries of Innocence’: street children’s life on silver screen

Cries of Innocence’: street children’s life on silver screen

Visakhapatnam, July 19 (UNI): A Documentary ‘Cries of Innocence’ by Indian-born documentary filmmakers from Canada, Yogamaya and Madhoorya, depicts the life of street children who have made railway platform their home.

Talking to newspersons after screening it for them here, they said the motive behind the documentary was to create an awareness among the mediapersons, research workers, volunteers and the public that they might come out and work together to eradicate child deprivation.

Detailing about the work Ms Madhoorya held that the 25-minute documentary was thought provoking. ‘It attests well, the dichotomy between Mark Twain’s India drapped in fantasy and the realistic one entangled in harsh realities’, she added.

The sister-duo, here on a vacation, said they utilised the holidays to shoot a film on child labour and the life of orphaned children in the city railway station. They intend to show their effort at the international forum to attract funding agencies, research scholars and NGOs.

Delving deep into a few case studies of gutter snipers, the film directly exposes the forbidden world of child prostitution, drugs and harassment.

‘They are a neglected and forgotten class of society, whose cries are unheard and their innocence is crushed under the grind of poverty and deprivation’, Ms Madhoorya said.

The film gives a contrasting image of children of same age. One depicts the innocent gigle and fun of well-bred children in a family while the other shows the stark reality of abuse and hard labour for a few morsels of leftovers.

Ms Madhoorya points ‘they are our future and the idea is to translate that future to the present through this film’."


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