SundayMirror.co.uk – News – G8 LEADS TO STREET KIDS BAN:

"16 July 2006

By Will Stewart And Gary Anderson

STREET children in St Petersburg have been banished to remote camps as the G8 Summit takes place in the city.

The Russian authorities have clamped down on the city’s ‘rogue elements’ in an attempt to improve the country’s image on the world stage.

Thousands of kids usually roam the streets but the city’s Mayor Valentina Matevienko deemed them an unsuitable sight for Tony Blair, George Bush and their colleagues.

As the G8 summit approached, a series of raids was staged on the underground and parks to round up the children.

Some were forced to go back to drunk or violent parents but most were taken to a ‘distribution centre’ before being moved outside the city.

TONY Blair warned last night that ‘urgent action’ was needed in the Middle East as he arrived for the summit. ‘The implications are very serious,’ he said."


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