Street kids for security vigil- The Times of India

Street kids for security vigil- The Times of India

Maneesh Pandey
[ 15 Jul, 2006 0216hrs ISTTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

NEW DELHI: In their combat against looming terror threat on the city, the Northern Railway (NR) have found a new ally in street urchins and vagabonds.

‘The sensitisation has begun from below,’ said a senior NR officer.

The street urchins and vagabonds, with whom the railways have fought a continuous battle to displace the former, are ‘surprisingly the additional eyes and ears,’ the officer said adding, ‘This, we have taken cue from a similar example in Pune, where the local GRP involved the rag-pickers in containing the anti-social activities on the station.’

The officer added that they have been sensitised along with coolies, vendors, TTEs, and staff deployed in the maintenance and coaching yards to keep an eye. Besides, the NR continued with intensified checking.

‘The canine squad was reinforced with four more dogs on Friday. They were with us, but on a training. Today, they were roped in to the security drill,’ said a senior RPF personnel.

In a surprise move, the RPF even conducted decoy checks at Old Delhi station and for the first time started frisking under the supervision of a senior officer rank personnel at the door metal detectors.

Even the parcel were being scanned with hand-held metal detectors. But officers lamented that the New Delhi station needs an X-ray machine in the parcel section, the proposal for which is pending for approval since last year."


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